Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ini Kerja Saya

Salam Sejahtera...

Kerja banyak dan jadual pon padat. Diri perlu sentiasa diperingatkan agar diri tidak leka dan lalai. So, plan perlu didokumentasikan supaya boleh menjadi rujukan kelak. As i wrote in my planner:

20 April 2009 - 03 May 2009 - 14 days acute oral toxicity studies

03 May 2009 - My Best Friend Wedding Day

30 April 2009 - Last day; to sent extended abstract to NCAFM 2009

04 May 2009 - 17 May 2009 - 14 days recovery period/post-treatment observation

09 May 2009 - Last day for IELTS payment

20 May 2009 - Euthanization of white rats, collect liver and kidney; histology work!

30 May 2009 - IELTS exam at KL <Not enough preparation yet!!!>

31 May 2009 - Last day; to sent abstract for NRT 2009

23 June 2009 - 25 June 2009 - NCAFM 2009 at Rennaisance Malacca

30 June 2009 - Last day; to sent full paper for NRT 2009

July 2009 - MSc registration!!!

23 July 2009 - 26 July 2009 - Trip to Kuching with Abg Ayie

3 August 2009 - 5 August 2009 - NRT 2009 at Hilton Kuching

7 August 2009 - 9 August 2009 - VAM Congress 2009 at Port Dickson

Training for in vitro techniques at VRI - when????

Arghhhh......cepatnya masa berlalu!!! Aku yang lambat atau masa yg bergerak terlalu cepat????

p/s 1: Sila abaikan cara penulisan tarikh yang salah di atas!!!

p/s 2: Cik Dijah selaku supervisor x rasmi...sila respon!

~ yoe menulis sambil melihat foto anak saudara sulung; ......... Adam Haziq yang masih kecil dan tak payah nak pikir buat semua kerja...sebab semua kerja dia..ada orang tolong buatkan!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

aishh..pack gilers br0! tak letih ke

azrullokman said...

i have to!!! biasa la sis...kalo tgh free tu..satu keje pon xleh nak buat, ade je yg lack...nih bila dh ade semua yg diperlukan...mmg sgt pack la...mcm2 kerja nk kejar!!!

~ perlu bersemangat!!!

Anonymous said...

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