Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Short Trip to Surabaya


If we go to Surabaya
Its not incomplete if we do not go to this place!
Tugu Suroboyo
Suro means Shark
...and Boyo means Crocodile (javanese language)
So there is a historical legend that Shark had a big fight with his enemy; The crocodile
...and who was the winner for the legendary fight??
Okay,,, wait! i dont read the ending part of the story yet
Since i think i love to ask the ending part to the local people by myself
Hehehe.... So. Just ask okay!
by the way, this is only a very short trip to Surabay from Kota Malang
only a day, from mornig till nite
before we heading back to Malang
Thanks to u guys for bring me to this city
..and as i noticed, Surabaya is another big city at the Java Island
and.. i can say that it look like Jakarta and KL city!
Maybe next time i could to spent a few days there...
and I hope my next trip is with u!

The famous Suroboyo Toegoe

~ Yoe menulis sambil tunggu my Brother pick me up.. and cant wait to share the story about last nite with him!

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