Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yeah.... i'm done!


I'm done!
Hehehehehehe :)
My paper already presented by oral on the 1st day
of the International Conference on Agricultural & Animal Science
Should be turn presentation aku ahad (2nd day)
Tapi gatai nak present awal...
Supaya apa????

Hah supaya apa???

Supaya dapat spent masa bersosial
..dan menghabiskan duit!!
Mati lah nak bayar kredit kad nanti...

Suruh orang sebelah tolong snap pic time present
Tapi hasilnya hampeh!!
pic goyang-goyang macam orang parkinson jer!!

Hah apa lagi!!
Jom cuci mata!!
Sambil control nafsu shuppin'!!!

Esok (siang nanti) mahu ulang alik 'Jalan Kebun' lagi!!

~ yoe menulis sambil berpakaian minimalis mencabar sejuknya aircond!


iyllienaz said...

then how was it??

yg present x parkinson tapi yg amek gmbar yg nervous lebey..haha

yoe said...

going well!! managed to present fluently and hopefully all of them can understand what the presentation is all about!!

hahahhaa, be the last person for the session at almost 6pm, masing-masing dah macam nak balik je.. tp still diaorang focus jugekkk la kat my presentation smalam...

tu la... rugi pic x cantekkk!!! huhuhu.. gegar!!

Anonymous said...

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