Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cerita dari Bali 1


Now i'm already at KL
.... and specifically at Serdang
Will spent time at KL for a couple of days
After having a memorable time at Indonesia;
Jogjakarta (5days) and Bali (9days)
and u know what...
This trip was full with stories!
What type of story??
Later laaa i story mory kt blog nih!!!!
Yang pasti, i Love u!!!

~ Yoe menulis kisah pendek (intro) cerita Bali..... i'll write it later... :)


AdiE said...


~ DanieL AdiE ~

yoe said...

adie: heheheh best tu best la jugakkk... tp cerita2 yg kt sana tu yg x berapa nk best! kuang3x!!!!