Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mari naik Tram


Pengajaran hari pertama:

kalo naik train or tram,
sila bayar tiket masa nak naik... bukan masa nak turun
kalo x, pasti akan di halau ketika di tengah jalan...
muahahahah :D

~ yoe menulis di lounge hotel!


Anonymous said...

pengalaman.. priceless

yoe said...

sis red: yup betul tu.... tapi kannn selepas cuma sekali naik tram dan sekali naik trainnn.... i end up with keputusan berjalan kaki saja ke mana2... plus, now kan tgh winter sgt nyaman... ahaksss :P

zoncapriku said...

bestnya ko kat sana....jgn lupa ole2 kat aku..hahahhaa..jgn galok2 kat sana k..hihihi

zoncapriku said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yoe said...

lagi best kalo u guys ada..... bole sharing2 merasai kesejukannnn kt sini!!!

~~ dah planning nk mengembara ke mana ke utk next year>>>

Anonymous said...


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