Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The King 's Speech...


Yesterday was a-movie-day for me!
Hahahaha :D
Marathon-watching movie at Pavi
One of the movies was this!
The King's Speech
Quite slow and steady
(u should not expected any action or more than that)
Well, this is a Historical and Autobiographical story
So u must know what to expect from this kind of movie rite??
But still i love it!

Ciri2 kemanusiaan dan jalan cerita yang jujur...
...make this movie really deserved an oscar for The Best Movie
Congratz Tom Hooper (mr. Director) and all the actors!

Collin Firth won the Best Actor award

...and here we go, Mr. Hooper the director

~ yoe menulis di Serdang.... masih di sini... :)

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