Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On this Leap year!!


Today is 29th of February
owhh Leap year!
Hehehe 4 tahun sekali je ada tarikh ni
Sapa2 yg born on this date, mesti rasa macam 4 tahun sekali je baru umur naik kannn... hahhahaa... just kidding!
Btw, happy bufday to one of my friend; Adrian for your bufday today!!

Wanna watch this romantic movie!!
Love Amy Adams so much as I love Anne Hathaway
Movie 2,3 tahun lepas...asyik terlepas je bila ada show dia kat astro movie!
Huhuhu.... :P

~ Yoe menulis di Office sambil study for Ielts... pray for me guys!!

1 comment:

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