Saturday, June 18, 2011

a sexy souvenirs!!!


Okay just to say...
This is a very2 not-a -show off entry
In fact, xde apa pun yg nak di show off kan
...and yet, xde apa2 pun yang nak di mengada-ngada kan
But then, i do remember
ada sekali aku buat entry n letak pic undies kt blog nih
...and got a few people yang mengata itu ini kat aku
...but for me, senang je!
This is my blog, so i think aku bole letak apa je
Since benda tuh xde la plak menggangu hak asasi kau!!!
(x tau la plak aku, kau akan TERANGSANG tengok undies2 ini)
Oooops!!! aku terEMO!!

Okay! back to this pic!
I got a friend who travel a lot
...and macam biasa la kannn
org pergi mana2 mesti nk bagi souvenir kat kawan2
and these two sexy undies;
1 is GWM brand blue black sexy porch undies
and 1 is CK X black tight boxer
Thanks SW, for very nice souvenir from US...
Suka suka suka!!! Next time bagi la lagi ye!!
Muah muahhh :)

I just love it!!!
Feel good to wear!

~ Yoe menulis sambil tahan sakit tekak! My tonsilitis is back.... omg ~


asna ashraff said...

nak satu!

yoe said...

asna: nak satu?? erkkkk i pon dpt dua jer,,, x cukup taw... sbb dua2 cantikk n sexy! i syg laaaa...heheheh :P

Anonymous said...

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